Among the very important needs for the development of any society or community; there is no doubt that business plays a vital role. Through the art of business; many social requirements and needs are met to ensure that all living creatures with in the society maintains their state of wellness as well as develop into a more fulfilling state. Taking an observation of the physical world; countries with well-developed businesses have the highest power and control than the others; this shows how business has the ability to improve developments as well as confidence to the very owner but also to its corresponding society once the business succeeds to reach at high ranks. However, people have different views and ideas when it comes to the subject of businesses; some believe that business brings about a positive development and outcomes to the society while others believe that it is a source of most negative outcomes with in the society. Depending on what your view on the business world is; the truth remains static and constant that business plays a great role in ensuring that the community needs are met sufficiently. Needs like employment, domestic products, infrastructures, domestic services etc would be very difficult to attain in the absence of business. However, it is very unfair to deny the presence of bad businesses which bring about negative impacts to the society.